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On Yer Hike 1

Updated: Jan 21

Ochils Adventure

Saturday 10th April 2021

On Saturday 10th April we had our first hike. It was a great success enjoyed by all. ​ Check out the All Trails route details.

  • 12.5km

  • 835m total ascent

  • 4:11:25 moving time

  • 2492 calories burned


Ian Scott:

"The experience of motivation to keep walking and keep climbing while you play a part in motivating others while they are motivating you at the same time."

Steven Paton:

"My initial interest was fitness, an opportunity to get out and spend a few hours walking to boost my physical health. I enjoyed so much more ,such as humour and entertainment chatting and laughing with a variety of different people. I also came away with a lot of inspiration from the short talks given and from the wisdom shared in various conversations along the walk."

Neil Greenhorn:

“Meeting new people and getting to know those I knew better. I’m relatively new to the area so it was great from a social aspect. Also enjoyed the thought provoking talks and history lesson.“

Ewan Mitchell:

"Hill climbing/walking has always been a favourite pastime of mine because it combines the great outdoors and fellowship. Saturday was refreshing as it has been such a long time just sharing an 'experience'. Greatest thing was the conversations 'in between breaths'. This is what these hikes are about, just being present in the time and sharing life. Thank you all for an excellent day and Aaron leading the way so we could relax and enjoy the day!"