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What kit do I need to bring for a hike?


The following is recommended for summer hill-walking


  • Rucksack - about 35 litres

  • Boots (with ankle support and soles which will grip on rock, grass and mud)

  • Waterproof jacket (with hood)

  • Waterproof over trousers

  • General trekking trousers (not jeans or cotton material)

  • Thermal top

  • Fleece top

  • Gaiters (not always essential)

  • Warm hat 

  • Gloves or mitts

  • Spare layer e.g. fleece top

  • Watch

  • Headtorch with new and spare batteries

  • Food & Drink (A Water Bottle with 1.5 - 2litres of water in it)

  • Whistle

  • Mobile phone

  • Hand sanitiser

  • Toilet paper, disposable bag and backpacking trowel (optional) for emergency poo situations

  • Dry clothes for journey home

  • Pound coins for car park meter

  • Sunblock/Suncream - High factor 30+ plus lip balm

  • Sunglasses

  • Smidge cream, midge head net for midges

Download pdf Hiking Checklist

What kit do I need to bring for a winter hike?

The following is recommended for winter hill-walking in addition to the list above:

  • Dry bags - waterproof bags to protect your kit

  • Ice axe and crampons

  • Ski goggles - to protect the eyes if it snows

  • Sun block - high factor 30+ plus lip balm

  • Winter boots with ability to take crampon

  • Warm winter socks

  • Thermal layers - tops and bottoms.  Avoid cotton which gets wet easily

  • Warm walking trousers - quick drying and avoid cotton and jeans

  • Gaiters - good for wet boggy ground to keep trousers dry and also stops snow getting in your boots

  • Warm top - fleece or insulating jacket

  • Gloves - waterproof and with 1-2 spares.  At least 3 pairs is good as they can get wet

  • Warm hat - plus spare

  • Food - Enough to last you 24 hours should the worst happen.  Spare energy bars as you need a lot of energy in the winter

  • Drink - a hot flask and enough juice/water for the day

Please note the leaders will also bring a group shelter, first aid kit and spare survival bags which you would need to take if you were going on your own.



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