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About Us

Get On Yer Hike was founded in 2021 after a group of individuals decided to turn their shared interests into an official Hiking Group.

Our passion is to enable you to enjoy the adventure, challenge and thrill of hiking in the beauty of Scotland.

We want people to enjoy themselves hiking and connecting with others.  This combination of the awe of nature, connecting and physical exercise create the perfect combination for a mental health tonic.  Get on Yer Hike is about people enjoying themselves while growing their physical and mental health.

Many of us would love to explore Scotland a lot more.  Yet where do you begin?  It can be a lot of work to discover routes and plan them out. L et us take all that pressure off you.  We will do all the necessary planning and find the best hiking routes for you to enjoy.

Explore the beauty of Scotland and see your physical and mental fitness grow.

On each hike we will deliver very short (7 minute) coaching sessions.  Each of these is designed to help you achieve great mental fitness and greater success in life.

So what are you waiting on?

Get on Yer Hike!

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