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Steep Mountains

Meet The Team

Meet the team of Get On Yer Hike.


Aaron Dowds

Hi my name is Aaron and I'm the founder of Get On Yer Hike.  I am married to the beautiful Lynsey and have 5 wonderful children and love spending time with my family.  As a young boy I spent every minute I could outdoors.  I was either on my bike, playing in the streets, football down the park or exploring the wonders of the Glen in Dunfermline.

When I was around 12 I used to cycle with my best friend Robin from Dunfermline to Dollar via Saline.  I was always in awe of the hills of the Ochils and wondered how on earth you got up to them to explore them.

I also used to go on Harvest weekends led by one of our teachers Mr Turk and his wife Mrs Turk. Mr Turk gave me the opportunity (along with hundreds of others) to explore the beauty of Scotland as he always took us on hikes in some of Scotland's most beautiful parts.  Through these hikes I grew in my wonder, appreciation and awe of the beauty of Scotland and the great Outdoors.

In my 40s I attended a number of Extreme Character Challenges with 4M. These were 4 days of hiking adventures in the wild.  I went to one in the Ardennes Forest in Belgium and a couple in the Cairngorms in Scotland.  We pitched our tent by an iced loch and cooked our meals in the great outdoors.  Once again I was in awe of the great outdoors and loved every opportunity to explore and enjoy the great scenery and meet new people.

In 2020 the UK went into lock down due to Coronavirus.  During the year that followed I explored every part of my local hills; Saline hill, Knock Hill and the Ochils.  Before the lock down I had never once climbed my local hill.  Yet I was amazed at how beautiful and amazing the scenery was.  I experienced personally the physical and mental benefits of hiking.  I found it very good for my physical health but also very helpful with positive mental health and for coping and dealing with stress and anxiety.  

I then wanted others to share in the joy and appreciation of the great outdoors I was experiencing.  I experimented with a few friends asking them to come for a hike with me.  I witnessed how much they enjoyed and also benefitted from the hikes even for days afterwards.  The idea of "Get On Yer Hike" was being birthed.  

It is said that laughter is the best medicine.  Some say friendship is the best medicine.  Others say walking is the best medicine.  As a pharmacist I understand synergy.  

Synergy means:  the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately.


I thought to myself why can we not have a combination of all three?  Laughter, friendship and walking.  This is when the idea for "Get On Yer Hike" was  birthed and it will grow and develop from there.  My passion is to see people enjoy the great outdoors and seeing the great benefits in their physical and mental fitness.

In March 2021 I completed my NNAS Bronze Navigation certificate.  The National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) Bronze navigation award is a National Standard recognised by Mountain Training, Glenmore Lodge, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, British Orienteering and other organisations. It is accredited by the Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at Level 4 and 2 SCQF credit points are awarded on successful completion along with an officially recognised certificate.  I aim to have my Silver Navigation certificate by June 2021.  


Ewan Mitchell

A 21 year old with 27 years life experience, an amazing husband to my wife Lara, a father to a curly headed daughter, cat and fish.

From a very early age always loved being outdoors born from caravan holidays in Fife and the Scottish Highlands (Loch Morlich being my heaven on earth)

For me there has always been something spiritual when outside in God's creation especially when 3000 feet up and able to view a never ending horizon.

My love for outdoors has allowed me the privilege to climb Kilimanjaro in 2010 with the Compassion charity, that allows children in impoverished areas an education, health care and hope for a future. A memorable moment in my life not just for the experience of Kilimanjaro but seeing the difference Compassion makes in the lives of the families that we visited during the time in Africa.

In 2013 I was treated to a week of winter skills training that had me back 'home' in Aviemore with the Glenmore Lodge doing the training. This was comprehensive training in avalanche  awareness, poor visibility navigation, ice axe use and more in perfect winter conditions that was completed at the end of the day with a hearty meal and a choice dram.

Every day out whether along a beach or topping a ridge of a Munro never fails to clear the head, reset the soul and when it is shared with good company does life get any better?   



Neil Greenhorn

I’m Neil, my love for the outdoors all started from a young age, I was brought up ‘in the middle of nowhere’ on a farm with acres and acres of land. This naturally led to adventure and exploring the great outdoors. 


From the age of 3 and a half I climbed my first hill, Bennachie (528M) which was 10 minutes from my house. This became a frequent climb most weeks in all weather and increased my love for the outdoors even more. 


As I grew up I always loved exploring Scotland and would go on camping trips lasting a week or two with my now wife, Rebecca. I climbed my first Munro with her in 2010, Schiehallion. Following that I joined a group in Aberdeen founded by my father in law called the Summiteers and completed over 50 Munro’s with them including some incredible ones on the Isle of Skye. 


This gave me experience of bothy’s - an amazing feature on some Munro’s, hiking in the height of winter and doing some basic navigation. I’m into personal development so in 2021 I plan on getting my Silver Navigation certificate and complete a survival course. 


Since moving to Dunfermline I really missed the chance to get outdoors with a like minded group, when Aaron reached out about a new group I couldn’t wait for the first hike. 


Hiking for me brings both physical and mental health benefits and a chance to meet new people from all backgrounds.


In my spare time you can find me running, cycling and spending quality time with my 3 kids and wife! 


Hope to see you on a hike soon!


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