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Here's some info on our past events fro you to browse.  Do get in touch if you have any questions.


Saturday 28th August 2021

On Sat 28th August we had our sixth hike.  

Well what a belter of a day it was.  
Temperature and visibility was perfect from the start. 
Little wind from the start meant ferocious, hungry MIDGES 😣 For the first 90 minutes we were all swarmed by millions of midges making it rather unpleasant.  Smidge was plastered on, head nets were applied by a few and some were eaten alive.  Quite a few were swallowed.  

While swarmed by midges, I was covered in Smidge with no head net.  My head and arms were exposed but happy to report not one bite this morning so a massive thumbs up for Smidge from me.  

Then it tuned a corner literally into the wind and just like that those little critters wings could not fly and it was midgie no more.  The feeling was so so good.  Fresh air and deep inhalations with no midges swallowed.  

We climbed Meickle Pap and were rewarded with glorious views of the pointed summit rising high above one of Scotland’s most beautiful corries.  Temperature, visibility and wind speed all came together perfectly in that moment as we basked in the glorious views feeling very blessed.  

Lochnagar - Cac Càrn Beag at 1156m still seemed very far away.  The climb seemed never ending but eventually we were rewarded with the stunning 360 views.  
3 people completed their first Munro today.  Clinton, Peter and Camille and what a day for their first Munro.  Peter lay at the top with his shoes off enjoying the cool breeze on his hot feet.  

The walk back was full of hidden gems and surprises especially the slope to the Glas Allt falls which was crystal clear with a beautiful dip pool at the bottom.  We were all gutted not to have our swimming costumes but next time.  The walk along the shores of Loch Muick offered wonderful views of the Loch in all its glory.  
20km with 956m ascent.  
In the words of Ewan Mitchell “What a Soup!”

  • 20 km

  • 956m total ascent




It was my first Munro and I couldn’t have chosen a more lovely supportive group to have shared this experience with!


Fantastic munro with beautiful views.



I enjoyed getting to the top of the mountain and the views from the top.



"I had an amazing first trip with the Aaron and Ewan leading the team! We supported each other through the challenging hike of Loch Nagar on a beautiful clear sunny day and was rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding Munro’s. We even added in the Meikle Pap peak as well!


It was great to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air in the Cairngorms!

It was my first Munro and I couldn’t have chosen a more lovely supportive group to have shared this experience with!

I’m looking forward to joining the next hike and would highly recommend getting on yer hike!"



"Fantastic first Munro, with beautiful views. Nothing quite like kicking your boots off and having a picnic at the top"

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